Frequently Asked Questions

Does Owl Storage Offer Tenant Protection?

Yes, Owl Storage does offer tenant protection. Learn about it on our tenant protection page.

How to Open and Change Combination Lock

Put in code 0001 - See video for opening, closing, and securing your storage unit.

Why Won't My Door Open?

Make sure the lock is all the way off of the latch. Make sure that the latch is pulled all the way to the open position (left position). If the latch is stuck in the closed position the door may be weight may be holding it from opening. Gently raise up on the door (like you were opening it slightly) while trying to pull the latch to the open position (left position). If lifting up on the door does not work try opening the latch while gently pushing the door into the closed position.

Why Won't My Gate Access Key Work?

If your gate access key will not work, make sure that: 1. You have the correct gate access code (some of them require the # key at the end of the code) 2. Make sure your online account is up-to-date on payments (unpaid accounts are locked out of the gate system but will be will be unlocked immediately after the account has been paid).

What Forms of Payment do You Accept?

Owl accepts credit, debit, and ACH payment. We do not accept cash or check payments 

What Size Unit do I Need?

Refer to images: